Barry Stowe is Chief Executive of Prudential Corporation Asia, part of the UK based

Prudential plc. Barry is honoured to take part in The 2015 Taipan’s Match.

When Barry arrived on the shores of Hong Kong from the US back in 1999, his

experience of rugby was limited to say the least - in fact, he’d never sat through

a full game, let alone set foot on a pitch.

But it wasn’t long before Barry realised that rugby wasn’t just a game that just

popped up occasionally in his new Hong Kong life. It ran through the veins of

the place, truly mirroring the city’s dynamism while infusing a healthy lifestyle

and energetic force into the busy lives of city dwellers.

Barry has come to appreciate the team spirit and energy of the game, so much

that he is just about getting past his fear of tackling without pads and a helmet

(unlike his beloved American Football), and has even started to enjoy the thrill

of this fast, scrappy and fun-filled game.

Off the pitch, Barry’s passion for sports doesn’t stop when he gets to the office.

Prudential has sponsored a number of sporting events over the years, including

the New Year’s Day Rugby Youth Tournament as well as the Prudential Beach

5s which kicked off the city’s world famous Rugby Week once again this year at

the Repulse Bay beach.

Responsible for Prudential plc’s network of life insurance and asset

management businesses across 14 Asian markets, Barry is also a member of

the Group Executive Committee and serves as an executive director on the

Prudential plc Board.

Prudential is one of the region’s largest life insurers and focuses on meeting

customers’ long term protection and savings needs. Today it has over 13 million

customers and has leading positions in many markets. Prudential’s Asian asset

management division, Eastspring Investments, manages close to US$121

billion (£77.3 billion) in assets (as at 31 December 2014).

Prior to joining Prudential in October 2006, Barry was President of Accident &

Health Worldwide for AIG Life Companies.

Barry is a member of World Economic Forum’s Committee on Investment in

Emerging Markets and the Board of Directors of the International Insurance

Society. He serves as a member on the Board of Visitors of Lipscomb

University and the Board of Managers of Hong Kong International School, and

is Chairman of Save the Children (Hong Kong).